Visit of Ms. Amba Gowda to Vanitha sadana

Date : 2014-08-04

Place : Mysore

Details : Ms. Amba Gowda of Mysore presently residing in USA visited VS on 14-15 July 2014. She is a special education teacher with Master of Arts in Special Education. Besides her vast experience in her chosen field she has also worked on General Education. Ms. Amba Gowda interacted with Primary and Higher Primary teachers as well as students. She gave the teachers some tips on simple techniques of teaching and how to make it interesting and exciting to the students. She shared new models of learning and innovation based on those applied in USA. The teachers highly appreciated the tips given by Ms. Gowda. They also shared their experience and some of the problems faced by them in view of the economic and domestic problems at home. Gowda promised to send some formats for use in Vanitha Sadana. Some photos taken during the event can be seen.

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